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AWS Big Data & Analytics Solutions

Onica has vast expertise helping organizations overcome the complexities of AWS by quickly building and deploying highly scalable and secure applications leveraging Amazon Web Services Big Data Solutions. By integrating all of your data sets, we create instant access to business insights that enable prescriptive data-driven decision making within the organization. Let our AWS Big Data Architects do all of the “heavy lifting” so that your team of developers and data scientists can focus on your organization’s core competencies.

Our team leverages the 3 S’s of AWS Big Data applications. Scale applications that handle terabytes to petabytes of data and spin up clusters with hundreds of nodes in minutes. Support broad spectrums of analytics – regardless of their variety, volume, and velocity. Save by only paying for what you use, with on-demand provisioning of your Big Data applications that scale up and down automatically.

Create Big Data Architectures

  • Integrate all your data sources into data lakes, at pennies per Gigabyte
  • Scale out on-demand with batch analytics
  • Serverless Architectures for streaming analytics
  • Interactive and self-service analytics environments
  • Security, governance & compliance for data ingest & egress at scale

Powerful, flexible Data Integration & ETL with Amazon Data Pipeline

Petabyte-scale data warehousing with Amazon Redshift

Create real-time streaming solutions with tools like Amazon Kinesis

Managed Hadoop & Spark clusters with Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Log analytics, real-time monitoring & stream analytics with Elasticsearch

Amazon Aurora, a MySQL-compatible database with 5X performance