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Broad Expertise Across AWS Deployments

From K-12 to Higher Education and EdTech companies, Onica’s approach to the unique requirements of the education customer sets you and your students up for success. No matter where you are on your cloud journey – just starting out or cloud native, Onica has a solution to accelerate and simplify your transformation.

Onica helps promote infrastructure optimization and modernization, enabling organizations to run more efficiently, utilize analytics, and manage IT operations. Leveraging the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), Onica provides guidance to support each business unit so that they can take maximum advantage of the services provided by the cloud. Let us help you leverage AWS to lower costs and scale.

Educational Use Cases

Leverage VDI to free up classrooms & lab space

Most universities are fully enrolled, meaning classroom and lab space are at a premium. Most constraints are caused by physical workstations. Amazon WorkSpaces can solve this challenge by moving the workstation to a virtual desktop in the cloud. By doing this, we can make the lab reusable and ensure configuration through deploying exact known-working versions of software, spending less time troubleshooting and more time progressing on coursework. Students can log in and be assured that their workstation is exactly as they left it and other students can use the same clients. WorkSpaces also gives students the freedom to work on their environments outside of the lab.

Enable research & learning

Ready access to all of the resources required to perform research enables teams to do their work more efficiently. When a research grant is awarded, the work can begin immediately, rather than waiting for hardware procurement. Also, these resources are only retained and managed for as long as the research is underway. For central/enterprise IT, the benefit is knowing that computing resources are being deployed according to their standards, and that this hardware is managed safely in the cloud rather than a small server in a lab somewhere.

Update resources with ease

A pervasive problem throughout the entire education sector is aging hardware. In our experience it’s extremely common to encounter outdated hardware that service vendors no longer support. This forces the college to make the decision to try and manage unsupported hardware themselves or repurchase new, expensive hardware. A migration to the cloud changes this scenario significantly as it’s easy to switch from one family of instance types to another, within minutes, and often the newer instance types bring better performance for the same or less cost than the previous instance generation.

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Cal Poly Univ.

Cal Poly expects to save $3.5 million on AWS

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Go Guardian leverages AWS Aurora and Kinesis Analytics