Business Continuity for Your (Newly) Remote Workforce

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As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, organizations are stepping up their business continuity strategies to ensure that employees can work from home without a hitch. While many organizations are currently living through the challenges of becoming a remote workforce overnight, there are solutions that can make it possible to be productive today, and then get back to normal as soon as possible.

How to Switch to Remote Working Quickly

Let’s explore some of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today, and provide pragmatic solutions for how to quickly and cost-effectively get your remote workforce up and running with as little disruption to the end users as possible.

How do I minimize end-user disruption?
If you’re trying to provide a similar end-user experience to minimize disruption, employees can gain access to familiar apps using Amazon AppStream 2.0, or they can also stream their entire desktop with Amazon WorkSpaces. These solutions can help overcome enablement challenges, especially if remote working is a temporary state.

What if I only need temporary or occasional remote work?
If you have end users who do not often do remote work or only need to occasionally work remotely, Amazon WorkSpaces supports both always-on and on-demand with hibernation capabilities. This provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness for temporary workers or occasional remote work.

How do I ramp up quickly while avoiding unnecessary costs?
Not every organization wants to launch a robust, ongoing remote work program today. Amazon Workspaces, AppStream 2.0 and AWS Client VPN are for organizations that tie user access to their VPNs, so they can avoid having to deal with setting up complex new remote access protocols. Pay monthly or hourly, just for what you launch, and even share between user ‘shifts’ if it works for your business.

What about access to my proprietary or legacy on-premises apps?
AWS’s business continuity solutions allow end users to remotely ‘stream’ any software, or even their entire desktop, from any device. This provides great options for organizations with legacy applications that have license/device limitations or higher GPU requirements.

Get (remote) working fast!

In unexpected and challenging times, reverting back to normalcy requires unique, rapid, and easily deployable solutions. Taking advantage of these technologies today can help you recover functionality and prepare for any similar future challenge. Depending on your use-cases, environment, and team readiness for remote work, we can help you determine, deploy, and manage the ideal mix of solutions for your business. Contact Us to discuss your unique circumstances.

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