Where is your Organization on the Remote-Ready Spectrum?

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The spread of COVID-19 has pushed many organizations to adopt remote work policies – a trend that had already been accelerating long before today’s crisis. Although many organizations may only need to enable a 100% remote workforce temporarily, this sudden disruption in their day-to-day routine has put a spotlight on areas of the business that may not be as digitally mature as they could be. As a result, businesses are looking for strategies to quickly enable their workforce in the event of another crisis.

Signs of your remote readiness

Whether your workforce is entirely office-bound or you already have some form of a remote enablement program in place, it’s important that you’re prepared to enable work from home policies in an instant – should the need arise. Even a brief lapse in workload continuity can mean thousands of lost sales opportunities, disruption to production, and compromised customer trust.

So, where do you fall on the remote-readiness spectrum? While there are many variables to consider, you can begin to assess your maturity with the following benchmarks:

Signs that Your Office Bound

  • Every worker is physically in the office every day
  • Rely primarily on on-premises, legacy or proprietary applications
  • Limited or complex access procedures
  • Desktop workstations
  • Enablement of remote work feels like a significant challenge

Signs that You’re Remote Ready

  • Already have significant contingent or remote workers
  • Rely on cloud-based applications and file storage
  • BYOD or company-issued laptop standards
  • Remote collaboration and telecommunication is the norm

From office-bound to remote ready in an instant

Regardless of where you fall in the remote readiness spectrum, AWS Business Continuity Solutions are designed to meet you where you are. For organizations with less mature policies in place, the three most impactful AWS solutions that are helping to enable remote workforce productivity today are Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and AWS Client VPN.

If most of your users need access to everything on their desktops, but aren’t yet accustomed to cloud-based applications and/or don’t have remote collaboration tools they can easily log into, Amazon WorkSpaces lets you access your entire desktop anywhere, any time, from any device.

If you have some GPU intensive programs that your team needs or you have critical non-SaaS applications you need access to right away, Amazon AppStream 2.0 can enable secure application delivery to any supported device via web browser.

If your team needs to quickly and easily access your network or file storage, AWS Client VPN offers AWS on-premises connectivity from anywhere.

Get (remote) working fast!

In unexpected and challenging times, reverting to normalcy requires unique, rapid and easily deployable solutions. Taking advantage of these technologies today can help you recover functionality and prepare for any similar future challenge. Depending on your use-cases, environment, and team readiness for remote work, we can help you determine, deploy and manage the ideal mix of solutions for your business. Contact us today to discuss your unique circumstances.

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