IoT NERF Rapidstrike with Amazon Rekognition & Raspberry Pi 3

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An IoT Enabled Solution

IoT NERF Rapidstrike with Amazon Rekognition & Raspberry Pi 3 1

Our team of AWS IoT-certified experts can rapidly prototype your IoT concept and have it up and running at lightning speed. At a recent Onica Hack-a-thon we utilized Amazon Rekognition along with a stock Raspberry Pi 3 to customize a NERF Rapidstrike for a fun solution to an office problem: a busy CTO who is sometimes a little distracted.


Fully Automatic NERF Rapidstrike

IoT Prototype
Choosing the correct NERF Blaster for this project was important, as our requirements were that it be fully automatic in operation and could be actuated electrically. We ultimately choose the NERF CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike as it met our criteria and is mod-friendly. The blaster needed to still operate normally while not being controlled, needed to be powered even with batteries installed, and the ability to be “overpowered” to shoot faster and farther.

The Specifications

IoT Prototype

The controller perched atop the gun is the “brains” for our Tactical IoT NERF Rapidstrike, controlled by a stock Raspberry P1 3 and AmazonRekognition. The CPU was chosen for its ease of use and available software libraries, and then paired with an Adafruit 2.8” PiTFT display with Adafruit enclosure and Faceplate. The camera used is the standard Pi (version 1.3) with an Adafruit Pi Camera Board Case.

Target Lock with Amazon Reckognition

IoT prototype
For our particular dilemma, we used Rekognition to add all team members to a “safe” list that will hold fire, while our CTO was added as the target which means a barrage of foam projectiles once our IoT NERF Rapidstrike identifies him.


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