Key Serverless re:Invent Announcements

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This blog will be updated throughout re:Invent 2018.

One of the key areas that the Onica team is following at re:Invent 2018 is updates around services on Serverless Development. We’ll add those updates to this post as they come along!


November 26, 2018: On Monday, AWS announced a series of new services that continue to evolve the state of serverless application development on AWS. With the focus on removing many of the undifferentiated tasks required for secure, performant, and scalable applications from developers, serverless applications allows developers to focus on their business logic, leaving infrastructure, operating system, and network management to AWS-managed services.


Firecracker is a new virtualization technology that allows running lightweight micro-virtual machines on top of non-virtualized infrastructure (i.e. on bare metal EC2 instances.) It’s built on top of KVM, a virtualization layer within the Linux kernel, helping provide a secure, performant environment to run containers and functions.

Unlike AWS’ other serverless offerings, Firecracker is not a managed service, but rather is a technology that allows customers to build infrastructure to run serverless applications. It’s the technology behind AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate, and for most customers these managed services will remain the go-to for new applications. However, if your needs don’t align with those services or if you want to dig into the technology that makes AWS’s managed serverless infrastructure possible, take a look at Firecracker!

Read more about Firecracker on the AWS News Blog.

To keep up with other Serverless updates from re:Invent 2018, bookmark this page or subscribe to our blog!  Interested in how Onica can help you transform your business with serverless application development? Review our Cloud Native Development page or get in touch!

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