Onica’s CTO Tolga Tarhan featured in AWS Data & Analytics eBook

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Large scale, customized, and automated data and analytics have become a requirement for businesses everywhere. In order to help companies keep up with the demand for data-based personalized analytics solutions, AWS recently put out an eBook that was designed to help customers understand what AWS tools and solutions could be used to understand and automate their data and analytics initiatives. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Big Data Competency holder, Onica’s CTO Tolga Tarhan was tapped to help contribute to the eBook around our experiences with AWS Data Lakes and the foundation for automating analytics.

“We see a common pattern with customers: the data science team gets an export of data from today and does great work to develop something useful over a number of months. Once they have a working model, customers start having conversations about, “So, we’ve built this with six-month-old data. How do we hook this up into our actual operating environment? How do we actually now use this in real life?” And then customers spend several more months trying to figure out how they’re going to get the model deployed in production, maintain it going forward, and do it all while maintaining security and compliance controls. Onica’s approach is different – we engage early and actually take a deploy-first approach to this. Which is to say, before we even start doing data science, let’s get the data flowing. Let’s get the real-time data going to the place it needs to go. Let’s figure out where you’re going to run this analysis and how you’re going to develop it. In this way, the very first algorithm you build is already being deployed against production data, on a production schedule.”

– Tolga Tarhan, CTO of Onica

Real-time data has become incredibly important in our connected world, and accessing that data in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way requires a wide range of tools. Through AWS, Onica can help you handle your data processing needs at enterprise scale, from extraction to enrichment, and turn that raw data into valuable insights that can be leveraged across your entire organization. Contact us to learn more.

Download the eBook

Download the AWS Data & Analytics eBook

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