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On Tuesday, April 12th AWS Premier Consulting Partner CorpInfo held a Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora event at The Standard in New York City. The agenda included a technical presentation from AWS Solutions Architect Puneet Agarwal, an Aurora case study featuring CorpInfo customer GoGuardian, and a discussion on how to make the business case for Aurora in your organization. After the presentation, attendees enjoyed cocktail hour and networking with their peers and AWS Reps. The event drew nearly 30 CTOs, SVPs, VPs, Presidents/Owners, IT Directors, and DBAs.

Key takeaways from our conversations with event attendees were that Amazon Aurora is incredibly exciting and there is real interest around organizations using it to solve their database challenges, including the need for a fully managed database service that provides faster databases with more core CPU power, instance sizes, and throughput. We also saw a lot of interest around AWS’ database migration services, as well as the AWS schema conversion tool to migrate intensive workloads, and no longer having to provision storage.

Here are some of the presentation highlights:

amazon aurora
Click here to download our event slides

Most relational databases were not designed for the cloud, having various layers of functionality in a monolithic stack. When organizations try to scale out these databases, they end up replicating the same stack resulting in problems such as availability, cost, and flexibility. Amazon Aurora can solve your database challenges. Aurora is Amazon’s highly secure and fully managed MySQL-compatible relational database engine. The platform provides users with high performance (5x) at a fraction of the cost (1/10th) of a traditional MySQL database with the scalability and availability benefits of hosting in the AWS Cloud.

Why are organizations using Amazon Aurora?

  • Its less work, easy to use, and more efficient
  • Simplified storage management that is highly available
  • More predictable and faster failover with survivable caches and instant crash recovery
  • Data security and monitoring capabilities
  • Managed Service delivery
  • Easy migration with no down-time
  • Significant cost savings

Did you miss our Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora Event?

Check out our video recap from our Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora in San Francisco.

Want to learn more?
Are you looking to reduce costs and simplify database management? Contact us for a free Aurora Proof-of-Concept to help get you started.

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