Increasing the Bottom Line by Diversifying IT with AWS

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560% Five-Year ROI

Why should you move your IT infrastructure into Amazon Web Services and what are the benefits of AWS? Cloud computing provides IT infrastructure capabilities to organizations, liberating them from devoting people and resources to activities that don’t directly contribute to their bottom line. This allows companies to focus on the core competency of their business instead of devoting time, people, and money to IT related projects. When using a cloud infrastructure, users can access their data anytime and anywhere on the web, without the limitations from a physical data center. Thus giving them the ability to easily scale up or down IT needs with demand, whether it be computing, data storage, or database services; keeping IT investment and operations lean and agile.

Use Cases for AWS Solutions

Looking to increase the load speed of your website? Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets are designed to store and retrieve any amount of data at anytime from anywhere on the web. Running an e-commerce website and have thousands of images to load? Using S3 buckets to store your images and videos can cut load time in half! Is your website available worldwide? CloudFront, Amazon’s global content delivery network, delivers content from local servers, decreasing load time even further.

Do you need unlimited compute power for building and/or running applications? Or are you a growing manufacturing company looking to implement one of SAP’s software solutions to manage your enterprise resources? Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides a scalable virtual compute space saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars from installing and configuring their own servers to run data heavy enterprise applications, while also providing the flexibility to easily scale up compute power as your business grows.

Gain business intelligence insight through running faster analytics on your data. Amazon RedShift is ten times faster than traditional databases for analytics workloads and is one-tenth the cost of most other data warehouse solutions. You have the freedom to run your own data analytic tools to extract valuable information that can help grow revenue as well as provide you with better insight into customer analytics.

Cloud Immersion with CorpInfo-Onica

We understand the importance of growth and that getting ahead of emerging IT trends is the way to accomplish it. We’ve been able to provide innovative and cost-saving IT solutions to our customers for over 30 years. As an AWS Premier Consulting and Migration Partner, our proven AWS capabilities can help your business realize the cost-saving and agile data management benefits AWS cloud based services has to offer. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of AWS.

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