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Scaling up for the Super Bowl

Onica helped Samsung prepare their Smart TVs for a new type of integrated advertising campaign for the big game

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They empower you and educate you on how to use AWS better
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Getting Mission-Critical Systems to the Cloud to Enable Growth
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Improving Continuity in the Cloud
Every person at Onica not only had the right skill level, but they could see our vision
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Hitting the Ground Running in the Cloud

Live Nation turned to Onica to partner on their cloud transformation and lay the groundwork for future success

We were able to migrate 15 years of infrastructure in 3 weeks
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Explore the Latest Cloud Innovation Stories From Our Customers

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The Ladders

Migrating and Modernizing The Ladders

Case Studies 9

Broadband TV

Product delivery and scalability

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Migrating/maintaining HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery on AWS

Case Studies 11


Making Rubicon Global More Efficient and Secure

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Safe Software

Empowered migration through building a hybrid cloud using automation

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Amazon CloudFront, EC2, and RDS

Case Studies 14

Stemcell Technologies

Automated infrastructure and database services

Case Studies 15


How Xirrus depends on Onica for 24/7/365 Support

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Surfline cuts costs and boosts performance with automation

Case Studies 17

Orange County Registrar of Voters

Architecting a Secure and Scalable Environment on AWS​

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Migrating Mission-Critical Systems to the Cloud to Enable Growth​

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Rallyup raises 6.75 million with zero down time

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CityGrid Media

CityGrid Media Cuts Cost While Improving Efficiency

Case Studies 21

West Coast Media

AWS Migration

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How Hubble’s Migration Increased it’s Speed to Value

Case Studies 23


The Flexibility of AWS Brings Joy to JibJab

Case Studies 24

Media Services

AWS Migration

Case Studies 25

Alistair Group

Scaling for rapid growth and drastically streamlining operations

Case Studies 26


On-Premises to AWS Migration

Case Studies 27

Skyline Urology

AWS HIPAA Compliance

Case Studies 28

HealthRise Solutions

Customized AWS HIPAA-Compliant Environment

Case Studies 29

Simple Therapy

AWS HIPAA Compliance

Case Studies 30

Sovereign Health Group

AWS EFS and EMR Implementation

Case Studies 31


Ormco transformative move into the cloud

Case Studies 32


AWS Migration Best practices​

Case Studies 33


Exchange and Sharepoint on AWS

Case Studies 34

Timmons Group

Replatforming .NET Applications on AWS