Amazon CloudFront, EC2, and RDS

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The World Cup

Copa90 produce soccer videos covering key events throughout the year. During major events such as the Football World Cup they experience high peaks in traffic to the site. Their traditionally designed infrastructure wasn’t able to handle large traffic spikes, resulting in decreased load performance and site speed. Copa90 turned to AWS Premier Consulting Partner Onica to help their scale their environment.


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Migration to AWS architecture to support traffic increase and improve website load time

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Amazon CloudFront, EC2, and RDS, Amazon Content Delivery Network

“Working with Onica was an extremely positive experience. Our migration to AWS was seamless and we no longer go through the pain of scaling issues.”
Nick Bourne


A World Cup Worthy Solution

Onica migrated Copa90 to Amazon EC2 and RDS using best practices for an AWS web architecture. Their front-end web servers are now set to auto-scale based on CPU utilization or peak usage. Amazon RDS provides a highly available database on the back-end. Copa90 is now also using CloudFront, Amazon’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) service to cache media files to more than global points of presence.

Amazon CloudFront provides Copa90 with 3x the site load speed.

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