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Accelerating AWS Content Delivery

1 TB of Data Downloads

ComposerCloud is the largest, most-awarded virtual instrument collection on the planet. The service takes a bundle of products, which would collectively cost somebody well over $12,000 and puts them into a subscription service so that musicians everywhere can afford it. EastWest had put two years into conceptualizing and executing ComposerCloud. Towards the end of the process, they had to figure out how they would deliver the service to all of their customers, because they had nearly 1 TB of data they could potentially download.

“Onica was able to satisfy ComposerCloud’s requirement for standardized pricing across different markets and enabled us to reduce the cost of customer acquisition so that we could go into many international markets that were once cost prohibitive.”
Founder, EastWest Sounds


Media & Entertainment


Migrate ComposerCloud onto the cloud for global content delivery

Services & Tech

Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon CloudFront

EastWest Sounds Accelerates Content Delivery with AWS

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your websites, APIs, video content, and other web assets. CloudFront provided a simple solution that allowed EastWest to distribute all of their content to users, wherever they may be.


A Utility-Based Pricing Model

Many software companies today want to scale their business based on subscriptions when their user count grows. Amazon Web Services (AWS), being a primarily OPEX, utility-based pricing model provided the perfect solution to enable ComposerCloud to scale their organization without investing large, upfront capital expenditures.

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