Accelerating DevOps with AWS

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Building DevOps on AWS

eHarmony has been around for 16 years now. They’re pioneers in the online dating business, with 60 to 70 million registrants globally. There are a gazillion dating apps in the world, but there’s only one that’s catered to serious, long-term relationships, and that’s eHarmony. eHarmony considers themselves a big data technology company, with data coming from 20 to 25 million matches a day. They’re constantly mining that data to provide better matches for their customers.

Development Environments

One of the challenges eHarmony faced with their current development environments was with what they called runways. When they built new systems and services, before they deployed them into production, they deployed them to a runway. That allowed them to put all of the systems together and test them in an integrated fashion, which would signal if something was ready for a takeoff. So if things go well on a runway, they are pretty confident that they’ll go well in production.


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Build infrastructure on AWS to support rapid runway deployment and decommissioning 

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“The biggest benefit to using technology like AWS is the ability to react quickly to business needs. Onica allowed our team to hit the ground running.”
Ninish Ukkan
SVP Technology

More Collaboration

There were discussions around potentially using the cloud to augment eHarmony’s runway infrastructure. It was a learning process for them and they needed a reliable partner to lean on for guidance, that’s where Onica came in and enabled their internal operations team. One of the biggest things they were looking at was a “push button” deploy where they could have the entire runway built at the push of a button, use it, and then scrap it when they were done.

Why Amazon Web Services

One of the hurdles eHarmony faced was latency, in terms of testing speed. Onica deployed eHarmony’s new runway environment in a hybrid setup using AWS Direct Connect from their data center to AWS. It really reduced their latency in testing, which allowed them to use their runway in a hybrid setup with the database still locally on-premises.


Success for eHarmony on AWS

It was incredibly helpful to have Onica engineers on-site at eHarmony. It lead to more collaboration, as they were able to balance ideas off of each other and change courses if they had to. It also helped them get there faster. Now eHarmony DevOps Engineers can spin up multiple runways in parallel. Provisioning is also faster, productivity has gone up, they can scale up and down, cost is more manageable, and now that they have successfully built one runway, they feel confident that they can continue to leverage the Onica partnership to replicate this effort for other runways, as well as Disaster Recovery and getting their production infrastructure into AWS as well.
“eHarmony now has the ability to spin up a runway on demand. It is going to enable them to innovate at a much faster pace. And at the end of the day, its going to help more people find love and we couldn’t be happier.”


Why Onica

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