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Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

eTurns is cloud-based inventory management software that provides organizations with real-time visibility into remote storeroom inventories and then automates replenishment. Whether the inventory is consigned or customer owned, eTurns manages inventory at the point-of-use to increase sales and service levels, optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts.



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Architect environment and migrate system to AWS for redundancy and resilience 

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AWS MMT Accelerate Program, Cloud Migration, Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon VPC, Amazon EC2

Lacked Redundancy & Resilience

Prior to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) migration, eTurns was leveraging a hosted environment at Century Link which supported a web server and SQL Server database environment. This environment lacked redundancy and resilience and was less than highly available. eTurns engaged Onica to manage the migration to AWS and to architect an environment based on the best practices of AWS.

Amazon Accelerate

The AWS Mid-Market Territory (MMT) Accelerate Program has been wildly successful as a mutual effort by AWS and Onica. Positioned as a fast track to the cloud, AWS and Onica have partnered to provide a five-day consulting engagement to customers at a subsidized cost. Onica pictured eTurns as a prime candidate and was able migrate eTurns to AWS through the MTT Accelerate program.

“Within a week of our initial discussion with Amazon, Onica met with us face-to-face to help us architect our seven server configuration. With Amazon’s quick start program, Onica created the AWS infrastructure and moved us from our prior provide within a couple of days. They are a very competent group.”
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Some of the solutions eTurns is now leveraging are:

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) & Software Virtual Private Network (VPN) for easy access to the VPC.
Amazon EC2: Onica deployed the eTurns website on EC2 web servers and auto-scaled and load balanced these servers to provide a highly available web tier and to provide eTurns with excellent ability to scale. Onica also architected a highly available SQL Server built upon Amazon EC2, an environment which was mirrored over multiple Amazon Availability Zones (AZ). On EC2, Onica established both a point in time backup process as well as a failover process in accordance with AWS best practices.

Amazon Domain Controllers: Onica established a highly available Domain Controller over multiple availability zones.
DataDog: Onica provided eTurns with a DataDog account to monitor the new AWS environment. eTurns are now given the ability to leverage their data and turn it into actionable insight.

Along with the Accelerate Program, Onica is in a special fraternity of its own, as one of nine certified and audited AWS Managed Services Partners. eTurns saw great value in forming an ongoing relationship with Onica to provide support for the eTurns AWS environment. Onica’s standard managed services package provides support up to the operating system (OS) layer and also provides clients access to the Onica support desk for incident resolution.


Accelerated Discovery & Delivery

Onica’s AWS Solutions Architects kicked off the eTurns project with a discovery session to take a full inventory of the eTurns’ estate before designing/architecting, deploying, and testing their new AWS infrastructure.To achieve both a highly available web tier as well as a highly available database tier, Onica leveraged the following AWS solutions.


Why Onica

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