From chemical supplier to managed services provider


Louisiana-based oilfield chemical manufacturer & wholesale chemical supplier

FRAC-CHEM is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based oilfield chemical manufacturer & wholesale chemical supplier offering standard and custom-formulated chemicals. Rapid response and dedication to providing the highest quality service sets FRAC-CHEM apart from their competition; not just as a chemical supplier, but as a service company that supplies chemicals.


Oil & Gas


Develop IoT prototype to monitor for quality, consistency, usage optimization and failure/risk assessment

Services & Tech

AWS IoT, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and AWS CloudFormation

Strengthening your position in the market

FRAC-CHEM wanted to strengthen their position in the market by evolving from a liquid chemical supplier to a fully-managed services solution. By switching to a new ‘dry chemical’ hydration system, FRAC-CHEM was able to differentiate themselves from other liquid-chemical suppliers as a fully-managed services provider. In addition to the cost savings of shipping dry powder over liquid chemicals, the new system allowed for real-time data monitoring for each hydration unit so clients could visualize, monitor, and provide guidance to teams in the field allowing for real-time adjustments on factors such as:

  • The quality of water going into the machine
  • Optimal usage of the machine for maximum lifetime usage
  • The quality of chemicals being outputted
  • 1st & 3rd party data or factors such as weather, geography, & soil
  • Likelihood of failure of the machine

Custom IoT Prototype

Onica worked closely with FRAC-CHEM to build a custom IoT prototype, including hardware, firmware, software, and cloud infrastructure.

The solution:

  • Hardware retrieves the data over the existing hydration unit serial port and transmits information to the cloud over that
  • Automatically selects Wi-Fi, cell, or satellite, guaranteeing the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity option for a given deployment location
  • Utilizes key AWS services, including AWS IoT, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and AWS CloudFormation
  • Developed the device software stack to transmit all data received from the serial port to the AWS IoT service
  • Developed cloud-side applications to parse and store data in AWS
  • Developed a web-based dashboard to visualize the collected data
  • Installed and integrated the custom solution onsite for FRAC-CHEM

Improve quality and control costs

The finished IoT prototype was successfully installed on a hydration unit, which was then shipped to a working customer site — where it has been collecting and transmitting data since it arrived. Long term, the data and analytics gathered via this solution will:

  • Improve quality and control costs for FRAC-CHEM and FRAC-CHEM’s customers
  • Enable real-time billing, allowing FRAC-CHEM to more quickly invoice and collect
  • Enhance FRAC-CHEM’s “managed service” positioning to provide data-driven services to clients, optimizing operations while managing cost


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