Onica Steps in to Make Rubicon Global More Efficient and Secure

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Affordable waste and recycling solutions

Rubicon Global is an on-demand waste and recycling service. They specialize in affordable waste and recycling solutions for businesses seeking a smarter, sustainable alternative to traditional trash collection through the use of technology.


Waste Management & Remediation


Migrate from Microsoft Azure to AWS and update architecture with implementation of a tiered security structure

Services & Tech

Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Migrate from Microsoft Azure to AWS

Rubicon Global desired to migrate from Microsoft Azure to AWS while updating their architecture and implementing a tiered security structure for internal use. Tasks included:

  • Moving a large amount of data from Azure Blob storage to Amazon S3.
  • Migrating large databases in real time to allow proactive cutover.
  • Creating a way to test applications in separate environments before deploying to production.
  • Maintaining existing authentication abilities.
  • Ability to easily revert to prior versions of deployed applications.

Developed a deployment pipeline

Onica designed an AWS-optimized architecture for Rubicon’s applications, and migrated object data and databases without downtime.

Onica further developed a deployment pipeline that allowed one-click promotions to production, while ensuring environment integrity. VPN and remote access solutions were integrated with Rubicon’s existing infrastructure, and expanded to seamlessly support access control in the AWS environment. The resulting infrastructure:

  • Utilizes AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure automation.
  • Utilizes AWS Elastic Beanstalk for configuration management and application deployments.


Saving costs while improving operations

Rubicon Global successfully migrated to AWS, saving costs while improving operations. Testing and promotion to production was streamlined and tiered access was implemented for remote staff. AWS Elastic Beanstalk was utilized to allow for easy deployment and rollback to a previous version when needed.

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Why Onica

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