On-Premises to AWS Migration

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Social Recruiting & Talent Management Systems

talentReef (Formerly JobApp) is the #1 provider for Social Recruiting and Talent Management Systems, specifically aimed at the Hourly workforce. As the market leader they have more than 55,000 sites under contract, including the world’s best known brands. The company streamlines the processes for these fast-paced operators to find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset—Talent.

The mobile-optimized HR platform (Social Recruiting, ATS, Onboarding, Employee Self-Service, Training and Development, Performance Management, and Analytics) is transforming the way Millennials are connecting on-demand with employers globally.

talentReef is tasked with the optimization of the daily Operational and HR functions for leading companies across multiple industry verticals. These include Jack in the Box/Qdoba, Focus Brands, Checkers/Rally’s, Applebees, Spencer’s/Spirit of Halloween, Downtown Locker Room, QuickChek, TravelCenters of America, Churchill Downs Race Track and Casinos, Weigels and Marsh Grocers.


Human Resources


Migration from data centre to AWS and development of infrastructure to support security and scale

Services & Tech

Cloud Migration, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3

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Unique Set of Challenges

Recruiting platforms present a unique set of challenges. They have to be available worldwide and work 24/7, regardless of how many users are accessing the system.

It is essential that the supporting infrastructure is highly secure and can accommodate acute spikes in usage, related to seasonal employment, whilst remaining cost-effective.

Why Amazon Web Services

Prior to working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) talentReef utilized an on-premises data center which had become inadequate to their scalability needs and the decision was made to move to the Cloud.

After comparing several Cloud providers, it very quickly became clear that Amazon Web Services (AWS) were the optimum choice as business partner. The AWS commitment to be the marketplace leader in technology and maintain a competitive pricing policy were clear deciding factors.

talentReef was also attracted by the strong partner network associated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and selected AWS premier consulting partner, Onica to guide the system transition into the AWS Cloud. Onica quickly put together a migration plan and strategy which included all of talentReef‘s physical servers, Virtual Machines (VMs), and Microsoft SQL Servers. The company now uses Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) within a multi-region environment as part of a continuous crisis disaster recovery strategy.

The new architecture is able to scale up or down to meet the demands of the varying talentReef customer needs.


Site Load Times Decreased

The benefits of their transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) were immediately apparent to talentReef – site load times decreased dramatically and the difficulties of managing the datacenter vanished almost instantaneously.

Why Us

Why Onica

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