Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics

Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics

Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics organizations are realizing the benefits of leveraging the cloud to streamline their operations and bring new innovative solutions to market. Organizations in these verticals are using the cloud to enabling IoT driven tracking, monitoring, maintenance, and diagnostics as well as data analytics and predictive modeling to streamline and automate process. Using modern techniques, we can do things like find approximately the most optimal route to deliver cargo, and plan to track shipments – even when connectivity can be a challenge.

“Our team really didn’t know that much about serverless implementations, Onica brought the knowledge that we didn’t have. They were deeply integrated throughout the development process. It felt like one team working together to implement this new capability for Spireon.”
CTO, Spireon
Vehicle Intelligence Company


Alistair Group Streamlines Logistics with a Cloud-Native Application to Support Rapid Growth

Alistair Group, a logistics company that moves 650,000 tons of cargo per year across 14 countries needed a solution to help manage their operations. Alistar partnered with Onica to build a cloud-native application that enabled them to streamline operations and scale like never before.

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AI/ML: AWS SageMaker

Learn about Amazon SageMaker,  Amazon’s platform that provides every developer and data scientist with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly.


Migrating Mission-Critical Systems to the Cloud to Enable Growth


Insights through IoT & Machine Learning for Vehicle Intelligence Company

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