Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations have found creative and compelling ways to adopt the cloud for business success. In a race to meet the ever changing demands of their customers, manufacturing organizations are leveraging the cloud to enhance their operations and improve worker safety with smart factories, safety monitoring, ERP, and MRP migrations. We work closely with our clients to help them innovate, reduce costs, gain deeper visibility, and move faster in a highly disruptive and competitive marketplace.

“Onica has helped my team become experts in building a serverless architecture, and also be better at what we do in the IoT space through our integration with AWS’ IoT platform and the incorporation of AI into our products”
CTO, Spireon
Vehicle IoT

Onica is a Launch Partner for AWS Industrial Software Competency

Recognizing Partners with proven expertise and customer success targeting steps in discrete manufacturing or process industries in Product Design, Production Design, or Production/Operations – Smart Factory.


Leverage IoT to Accelerate Industrial Solutions

Gain efficiencies through supply chain optimization, workforce automation and predictive maintenance by leveraging Onica’s expertise with IoT and Industrial Solutions.