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Media and Entertainment organizations are realizing the benefits of leveraging the cloud as the amount of content being produced, streamed, and viewed on-demand has increased exponentially. Organizations in these verticals are using the cloud for data storage optimization, enhancing video production workflows, and to create a more direct and personalized distribution of content. We work closely with our clients by utilizing data analytics and machine learning to understand the demands of their growing audiences and deliver a seamless user experience.

“Onica has been an ongoing partner to Tugg, ensuring our platform can scale from hundreds to millions of users as we continue to penetrate the global market.”
COO & Co-Founder, Tugg
Film-Based Collective Action and Crowdsourcing Platform


LiveNation Partners with Onica to Kickstart Their Cloud Journey

Live Nation is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders such as Artist Nation, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and Live Nation concerts. They brought in Onica to partner with them on their journey into the cloud. This allowed their team to hit the ground running. 

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Scaling up for the Super Bowl

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Leveraging the Cloud for Scaling and Reliability


Accelerating AWS Content Delivery


AWS Video on Demand and DevOps

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