Public Utilities

Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Public Utilities

All industries have some level of consumer interaction, but when you are dealing directly with a public related service, safety monitoring is a big factor. Other benefits of using the cloud include access to fleet and equipment management and monitoring, as well as predictive maintenance. We work closely with our public utilities clients to predict and respond to their complex operational demands.

“The utility computing model of AWS and the cloud are the perfect fit for this workload. We leaned heavily on Onica's expertise to take advantage of the AWS platform, and we were very please with the results.”
IT Architect, BC Hydro
Electric Utility
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BC Hydro maintains high security standards while practicing cost efficiency

​BC Hydro is a Canadian electric utility responsible for generating, purchasing, distributing and selling electricity in the province of British Columbia. BC Hydro is the third largest electric utility in Canada, serving approximately 1.9 million customers throughout the province of British Columbia. The primary source of BC Hydro’s generation are a number of large hydroelectric generating stations combined with a number of water reservoirs located throughout the province. Managing and optimizing the output of the generators is a critical and challenging function, and is dependent on a wide number of dynamic variables.