Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Retail

In a race to enhance the experience of their savvy consumers, today’s retailers have to change their mindset to operate more efficiently. With the expansion of online shopping, having data analytics that can help predict consumer behavior in order to market directly to them is becoming increasingly important. From personalizing the customer experience to aiding in inventory management for operational efficiency, we work closely with our retail customers to provide an overall better experience for the consumer.

“Onica created a high-performance toolset that moved FastSpring into the future of automated deployment.”
CTO, FastSpring
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Z Gallerie Secure SQL Databases on Amazon Web Services

Z Gallerie is an exclusive home furnishings company that has been providing clients with high end furniture for almost 40 years. Z Gallerie stores are an ever-changing combination of stylish, traditional and contemporary designs. With 57 locations across the United States and an online presence, Z Gallerie continues to inspire both professional and amateur interior designers alike.