Onica featured in InformationWeek’s Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Amidst the Pandemic Article

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Tolga Tarhan, SVP, GM AWS Services at Onica, was recently featured in an InformationWeek article that explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting long-term organizational strategies and decisions in terms of cloud infrastructure adoption and digital transformation.

Featuring insights from a diverse set of IT industry experts and leaders, “Next Steps for Cloud Infrastructure Beyond the Pandemic” takes a close look at how the pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of cloud computing across organizations that are looking at remote-work solutions to maintain productivity, and the lasting impact these changes will have, once the world starts to operate normally again. While the cost of cloud migration was a significant concern, quarantine and work-from-home policies have led companies to explore cloud computing solutions over on-prem data centers to avoid disruption and lost business activity.

Prior to the global pandemic, companies across a range of industries placed very minimal considerations towards global outbreaks as a part of their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Organizations have been focused on the virtualization of servers, storage, and networks, and now they are increasingly looking at extending virtualization towards end-user devices so that their workforces have remote access to the tools and software that are important to their functions. The article suggests that the period of large investments in resourcing thousands of computers is fading away into more of a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) model, as secure and reliable access can be provided without geographic limitations.

Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s SVP GM AWS Services, finds that enterprises are investing in security and privacy models that do not rely on people’s physical presence at workplaces, and sees this as a change that will sustain the long term. “We’re going to see acceleration of adopting SaaS solutions [and] a refinement of how work-from-home works, especially in the compliance and privacy rich parts of the business” said Tarhan.

Tarhan also cites the advantages of the cloud when it comes to employee safety, as the absence of an on-premise data center means that employee visits are no longer required. As companies recognize the viability of remote workforce operation, they may start thinking about evolving their geographically sensitive operational strategies permanently. “We’re never going back to that world,” says Tarhan.

To read the full article, visit InformationWeek here

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