Onica featured in TechTarget’s Cloud Opportunities See a Boost Article

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Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services, was recently featured in a TechTarget article discussing the increase in cloud adoption amongst companies across industries as a result of business disruption issues caused by the pandemic and the permanence of some changes as businesses start to prepare for the next phase of operations, in light of gradually relaxing social distancing restrictions.

Pooling together opinions from a breadth of cloud computing industry experts and leaders, Channel partners’ cloud opportunities see a boost explores how businesses are experiencing a new paradigm shift due to the unique challenges the world is facing and how cloud computing offers a demonstrably viable solution, proven by an increase in adoption and utilization. Even businesses with limited cloud exposure have started investing in adoption. According to the article, 57% of businesses interviewed in Q1, just as travel restrictions were being introduced, found that they would likely increase cloud use and since then, real figures have displayed widespread usage.

The value offered by the cloud has been clearly observed, enabling business functions from marketing and sales to finance and software development, to run smoothly despite remote operation. The article also highlights the highly scalable and flexible nature of cloud services, allowing companies to scale to meet demand, avoiding large losses in sunk capex investments.

Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services, finds that organizations that have experienced disruptions in operations as a result of physical infrastructure reliance will seek cloud adoption even as employees start to return to offices. Not only does the cloud offer robust and manageable security, allowing companies to stop having to rely on VPNs for network access, the cloud also motivates leadership to explore new ways of conducting business. “Companies will say, ‘Maybe this work from home has legs.’ It can change how you recruit and hire,” says Tarhan. “You will no longer be restricted by geography. You can hire anywhere in the world.”

These factors point towards a growing need for cloud channel partners, who will play an important role in helping organizations quickly and effectively move workloads to the cloud, in addition to consulting on strategies for managing security and infrastructure. Small companies without technical know-how, looking to take advantage of the cloud, will need expert guidance, relying on partners to explore the best cloud solutions and services for their needs. Furthermore, partners will be needed to provide training and workshops on how IT staff can manage infrastructure and cloud based workloads remotely.

To read the full article, visit TechTarget here

Is your organization looking to adopt the cloud and leverage cloud services to mitigate business disruptions due to the pandemic? Take a look at AWS’ business continuity solutions to enable work from home capabilities across your organization or get in touch with the Onica team to learn how we can help you on your cloud adoption journey.


Onica is a global cloud native services provider at the forefront of cloud computing. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Premier Consulting Partner and audited Managed Services Provider, we help our customers solve the most complex and transformative cloud projects in the world to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences.

As a Rackspace Technology Company, we are backed by a global network of experts delivering proven solutions across the full spectrum of cloud technology. Everything we do is wrapped in our obsession with our customers’ success – our Fanatical Experience™ – so they can work faster, smarter, and stay ahead of what’s next.

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