Empowering SaaS Businesses with DevOps

Cloud computing has brought about an era of highly elastic environments that support applications and software distribution models allowing reach and adoption to expand exponentially while bringing along an equally large increase in competition. This means that companies face a new challenge of having to ensure their applications are rapidly being updated to support growth and are constantly innovating for more discerning audiences.

Accelerating Innovation with DevOps on AWS

Amazon provides tools to build very elastic, highly scalable applications, but the utility of these tools is far reduced if tested code cannot be pushed into these environments. In a global scenario with growing demand for speed in innovation and code deployment, the DevOps mindset shows great potential. DevOps is the idea of rapidly innovating, changing, testing, and pushing code in an automated fashion. A recurring consideration for DevOps is to think about how they can take better advantage of the broad array of tools, services and automation capabilities offered by AWS to help their clients rapidly provide exceptional experiences to their customers and lead innovation in their industries.

When clients are first introduced to DevOps, the first step involves gaining a holistic understanding of the applications the clients provide, what work is being done on those applications today and how the speed of innovation can be increased to push out updates to those applications rapidly.

This involves taking advantage of tools and services offered by AWS to enable such desired acceleration, in addition to implementing best practices developed to produce the best results. Furthermore, services like AWS CodeCommit or AWS CodeBuild or even AWS CodeStar that wraps all of AWS’ tools together into one easy to address bundle can be leveraged. All these efforts help ensure that the full value of the cloud and AWS is realized.

The Emergence of SaaS

The abilities unlocked with DevOps to rapidly re-engineer applications and simplify tasks by incorporating automation, open new opportunities and revenue streams for customers. Software as a Service (SaaS) models of application and software delivery have become increasingly popular, thriving in today’s DevOps culture.

SaaS products are always in front of your customer and they make recurring payments for them as long as they keep using them. Hence customers are always making an investment with the expectation that the product and feature sets will be improved over time to produce perpetually improving capabilities and experiences.

As software companies embrace the SaaS delivery model, their community of users get larger and larger, highlighting their need for scalability. Leveraging DevOps for SaaS businesses enables companies to take advantage of the cloud to update and scale their products in a manner responsive to market demand in addition to innovating and adding features rapidly. With this approach, companies win as they’re able to maintain ownership and control as well as respond to changes in the market, and their customers win because they enjoy the latest and most capable versions of the software they use.

Breathing new life into .NET applications

There are a large number of companies who have stagnant .NET applications that pose challenges to develop and work on today. What the cloud makes possible is to move these applications over, giving them a soft landing in AWS, and enable re-engineering efforts due to the emergence of an ability to test and experiment in ways that weren’t possible in the past. In such situations, DevOps engineers are able to help companies reimagine their applications, build a pipeline and build a way to get code to their customer facing applications in a rapid and useful manner.

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