It’s Never a Boring Day at the Quarterly Team All-Hands Meeting

What happens when you combine creative geniuses with unmatched technical ability and field expertise, who aren’t afraid of pushing the limits? You get rock stars, no different from the larger than life personalities ahere who are redefining the IT industry and utilizing the cloud in ways most programmers only dream of.

We are challenging the norm and becoming a major partner and player to disruptive technology. We have one mantra – “Make IT Happen,” which gives us a platform to take our clients, who have basically have no cloud presence at all to a complete “all-in” journey in AWS. Bring us a business case and passion in achieving something and we’ll make IT happen.

Attracting and retaining high-quality talent is also important to us. As a consulting group we have to be on the pulse, we have to know what’s happening in the industry at large. It’s a community of extremely fun, passionate, and high-energy individuals who are top-notch experts in technology. Our consultants work on exciting projects like where we migrated their infrastructure and 15 years of legacy applications to the cloud in under a month for the Star Wars movie release. Or deploying Hadoop clusters and hundreds of nodes into AWS. Our cloud engineers, solutions architects, and team goes the extra mile and enjoys the praise they receive from our customers, the technical team, and our internal team when a solution they create comes alive. It’s never a boring day!

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