Tolga Talks Tech: AWS RoboMaker

Tolga Talks Tech is a weekly video series in which Onica’s CTO Tolga Tarhan tackles technical topics related to AWS and cloud computing. This week, Tolga discusses AWS RoboMaker with Ryan Ries, Sr. Director – Data & Engineering Science at Onica. 

AWS RoboMaker can do more than just AWS DeepRacer. Let’s look at their relationship, and how they work together.

AWS RoboMaker at its heart is a simulation package, so that’s where you get that interaction with AWS DeepRacer. AWS RoboMaker was really built to help people with their robotics platform. It runs ROS (Robot Operating System) and it tries to take a lot of the heavy processing off of the robot itself. You can run Amazon Kinesis video streams, and things like that, into the cloud so it can start developing on whatever solution you have in computer vision.

What happens once all the processing is done?

Once all the heavy processing is in the cloud, you no longer need to have that on the robot. You can also use the same simulation package that they have, allowing you to see how the robot performs and how your algorithms are performing, as you put the robot through the paces in the simulation. Finally, it does fleet management; if you have a thousand robots out there, you can use AWS RoboMaker to keep pushing these updates in your algorithms to them.

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