AWS Announcements at a Glance: The Highlights from AWS in August 2021

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In anticipation of the coming fall, summer days are just barely starting to get shorter, and your mornings might be a little cooler. But the list of new AWS features continues to get longer. This month, a few new managed services were introduced, some services were expanded to additional regions, and as usual we saw a lot of services now supporting additional features and capabilities important to the enterprise. As usual, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the AWS announcements for the month, but is a curated selection that should catch your eye to help enterprise architects and leadership drive cloud adoption throughout the organization.

AWS Config now supports AWS Backup Resource Types

AWS Config has been an important resource for assessing, auditing, and evaluating the configuration of your AWS environment for a few years, and it now supports AWS Backup resource types. You can now monitor changes to your backup plans, recovery points, and see historical trends without having to build complicated reports.

You can read more on AWS Config here.

AWS Control Tower now available in additional regions

AWS Control Tower is one of the most powerful ways to control, govern, secure, and manage your enterprise AWS environments, and Amazon continues to roll this service out globally. AWS Control Tower is now available in the Sao Paulo and Paris regions.

More information on AWS Control Tower can be found here. 

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines now support AWS Lambda Functions

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed set of Machine Learning Services that allow your enterprise to prepare, build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly and efficiently. Amazon SageMaker Pipelines is its native service for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and it now supports adding AWS Lambda as a step in the machine learning pipeline. This gives you the ability to run your own custom functions within the Amazon SageMaker Pipeline process, written in the language of your choice.

You can read more about Amazon SageMaker here. 

Amazon FSx and Amazon Athena are Now Available in Asia Pacific

Two very popular AWS services have been expanded to Asia Pacific. Amazon FSx is one of the most widely used file-sharing services within the AWS enterprise ecosystem, and Amazon Athena is a popular Amazon S3 querying service. Amazon has now expanded availability of these services to the Asia Pacific (Osaka) region, adding flexibility and efficiency to your global workloads.

Check out the Amazon FSx and Amazon Athena pages for more information.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis General Availability

Amazon has released Amazon MemoryDB, a Redis-compatible in-memory database service specifically designed for microservice applications. The service stores data in-memory, can be scaled up to five hundred nodes, and store over 100 TB of data. Data is stored across multiple Availability Zones and uses transactional logging for high availability and durability. As you’d expect from an AWS database service, hardware provisioning, backups, patching, and other database management tasks are all fully managed.

You can find more information about Amazon MemoryDB for Redis here.

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Now Supports Auto Scaling

In another Redis-related release this month, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis now supports auto scaling, allowing your ElastiCache instances to automatically adjust capacity as needed. Like other AWS auto scaling services, Amazon CloudWatch metrics are used to govern scale-up and scale-down events.

You can read more information about Amazon ElastiCache here.

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