Bring your IoT solutions to life in weeks, not years.

IoT solutions are complex and multi-faceted. From prototype to production, Onica's expertise along with our collection of hardware, software, and accelerators will help you expedite your IoT journey.

There will be over 25 billion connected devices in use by 2021. As IoT is embraced across industry segments, the difference between the innovators and the followers often comes down to who can bring their solution to market first. Connected devices inherently have a great deal of complexity and customization, which often leads to cycles lost on lessons-learned and increased time-to-market. To give our customers a competitive edge in IoT, Onica has developed a collection of IP to jumpstart our clients connected device projects.


Will Your Business Lead or Follow in IoT?

Connected Products

Build new revenue streams, enhance customer experience, and bring new products to market.

Industrial IoT

Enhance manufacturing and industrial applications with real-time, cloud-powered, intelligence.

Distributed Intelligence

Gain insights from your fleet of distributed devices, deployed worldwide, to enhance and optimize your operations.

Onica's IoT Cloud

Hardware, Software, and Analytics to Launch your Connected Device​

Onica’s IoT Cloud is our proprietary collection of hardware, software accelerators, and analytics that allow you to prototype quickly and accelerate the development of your connected device.


You can’t do Internet of Things without the Thing. Onica is the only AWS Premier Consulting Partner that combines the cloud with the hardware engineering expertise required to successfully complete your IoT solution.
  • Reference designs to accelerate prototypes, with a clear pathway to production
  • Custom hardware engineering including electronics, industrial and mechanical design
  • End-To-End go to market expertise for all phases from prototype to manufacturing

Software & Cloud

Build world class event-driven applications to securely ingest, store and manage your IoT data leveraging the vast and growing array of AWS IoT services.
  • Full lifecycle cloud native application development
  • Connectivity, Ingestion, Security, and Device Management built on battle-tested architectures
  • Event-driven, serverless applications that automatically scale to meet the demands of your workload


Actionable business intelligence from your fleet of connected devices, delivered in real-time, and enhanced by machine learning
  • Intelligent storage, processing, and analysis pipelines for IoT data, reducing time-to-insight
  • Advanced modeling and predictive analytics, powered by machine learning, uncovering hidden insights
  • Automatic device and payload metrics to monitor the health & utilization of your fleet


AutoPets Launches Next Generation IoT Application in the Cloud to Bring Pet Care into the Future

AutoPets is an innovative pet care company looking to make pet care more enjoyable and convenient through the development of highly functional, connected pet products. However, the application for their flagship product, the Litter Robot, needed an infrastructure upgrade before they launched their latest update.

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