Onica Featured in TechTarget SearchEnterpriseAI AIoT article

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Tolga Tarhan, CTO at Rackspace, was recently featured in TechTarget’s SearchEnterpriseAI column for his insights on how the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) help generate actionable insights to introduce new capabilities to traditional IoT technologies.

AIoT applications prove the technology’s adaptability” takes a closer look at the amalgamation of AI and IoT technologies into Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), applications of the technologies across industrial and commercial use cases, as well as the unique benefits that AIoT devices offer.

By itself, IoT allows machines and computing devices to communicate and transfer data without requiring any human interaction. This technology has allowed for incredible new capabilities such as real-time monitoring, wireless control and automation. The addition of AI, extends the capabilities of IoT devices significantly, “by moving from purely programmed/algorithmic responses to dynamic decisions, empowered by machine learning,” says Tolga Tarhan. This combination has the potential to help organizations improve the quality and speed of decision- making, driven by actional insights derived from AI and ML.

AIoT technology has a range of applications, from consumer devices such as smart home appliances, to security products such as cameras and other smart management systems to enterprise use cases such as “predictive maintenance and predictive failure in industrial factories,” says Tarhan. A popular use case can be seen in the self-driving technologies employed by car manufacturers such as Tesla, helping cars intelligently identify driving obstacles and make real-time driving decisions.

The article states that the real advantage of AIoT comes through in its ability to extend beyond IoT’s information transmission and reporting capabilities, to “predict decisions and outcomes” and potentially make data-driven decisions autonomously in the long term. Applications across commercial and industrial use cases further signifies the widespread impact this technology will have in the coming future.

To read the full article, visit TechTarget’s SearchEnterpriseAI here. Are you curious about how AWS’s IoT services can help accelerate IoT development, testing and deployment? Take a look at our IoT devices service to learn more. If you’re interested in implementing IoT solutions for your organization, get in touch with our experts today!


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