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Secure SQL Databases on AWS

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Exclusive Home Furnishings Company

Z Gallerie is an exclusive home furnishings company that has been providing clients with high end furniture for almost 40 years. Z Gallerie stores are an ever-changing combination of stylish, traditional and contemporary designs. With 57 locations across the United States and an online presence, Z Gallerie continues to inspire both professional and amateur interior designers alike.


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Deploy resources to manage architecture, eliminate single point of failure & implement highly available SQL database mirroring 

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Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Multi-AZ SQL DB

High Traffic Environment

Z Gallerie was challenged by a single point of failure in their Microsoft SQL database environment. Z Gallerie engaged Onica to eliminate the single point of failure and implement highly available SQL database mirroring. Onica deployed resources to manage the architecture and deployment of a highly available SQL database that was mirrored over multiple availability zones for redundancy, availability, and scale ability.

Vice President of Information Technology, Gary Zorko, summed up their challenge by stating, “We’re a small team without a full-time DBA, and we were struggling with introducing a new level of redundancy and resilience to our AWS-hosted commerce database infrastructure”.

(HA) Database Across Multiple Availability Zones

The solution for this project was a combination of Amazon Web Services products:

  • EC2
  • S3
  • Multi-AZ SQL DB

Onica set up a highly available (HA) database across multiple availability zones and ensured the integrity of the Z Gallerie DB tier by implementing security standards and best practices to ensure both redundancy and HA.

Onica subsequently configured SQL mirroring for failover and also established a policy for snapshots and backups of the SQL databases; which are stored in Amazon S3.

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