How Xirrus depends on Onica for 24/7/365 Support

Xirrus 1

Leading provider of high-performance wireless networks

Xirrus is a leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Its innovative hardware and software solutions help solve the challenges of fast-evolving Wi-Fi network demands. Xirrus offers the only modular, dual band, multi-radio platform that is highly scalable, future proof, and easy to use. Its cloud-managed Wi-Fi ensures simple deployment and powerful application control.



Communication, Information Technology


Developing a cloud-based solution to support real-time data retention, monitoring and deployment automation. 

Services & Tech

Cloud Infrastructure, Chef, AWS CloudFormation


Create a cloud-based solution

A leading provider of high-performance wireless networking equipment, Xirrus also manufactures centrally managed Wi-Fi hotspots for colleges and universities. The firm approached Onica to create a cloud-based solution that would allow for:

  • Real-time retention of data from each hotspot.
  • Critical visibility into their entire Wi-Fi infrastructure via dashboards.
  • Around-the-clock support, monitoring, maintenance, and deployment automation.

Custom-Developed infrastructure

Utilizing Chef and AWS CloudFormation, the custom-developed infrastructure automates all aspects of the company’s complex deployment. We also consulted with Xirrus to direct its engineering team on ways to enhance its IT software using best practices and methodologies.


Saving costs while improving operations

Onica serves as Xirrus’ network operations center on a 24/7/365 basis. Meanwhile, Xirrus has achieved zero-downtime deployments over the past several years as it continues to serve a large client base of campuses that are highly dependent on reliable, fast, and cost-effective Wi-Fi service.


Why Onica

Onica is one of the largest and fastest-growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partners in the world, helping companies enable, operate, and innovate in the cloud. From migration strategy to operational excellence and immersive transformation, Onica is a full spectrum AWS integrator. Learn more at