The next generation of applications are built cloud-native.​

Write the software you want to write. Build self-healing, auto-scaling applications, unchained from the limitations of servers.

Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking about architecture and design. Cloud native development is as much a philosophy as it is a set of tools, considering all factors – infrastructure and application from day one to leverage the advantages of the cloud to build applications that function unlike any legacy application ever could.


Don't just run applications in the cloud - run applications made for the cloud.


Never pay for an idle microsecond. Build responsive applications by leveraging the managed concurrency and routing provided the AWS Cloud.

Scalable and Resilient

Scale seamlessly on-demand through unpredictable traffic and remain resilient in the face of unexpected failures, without any effort.

Unmatched Agility

Reduce development overhead, time and effort and reclaim energy that can be spent innovating and building amazing products.

Our Approach

Focused on Serverless

Dedicated architects and engineers with focus and expertise exclusively on serverless application development

End-to-End Service

Delivery of all backend applications, APIs, integrations, and UI to turn your idea into a fully-realized application

Sprint-Based & Agile

Collaborative and flexible approach that adapts quickly to overcome any new challenges and ensure project success


Alistair Group Streamlines Logistics with a Cloud-Native Application to Support Rapid Growth

Alistair Group, a logistics company that moves 650,000 tons of cargo per year across 14 countries needed a solution to help manage their operations. Alistar partnered with Onica to build a cloud-native application that enabled them to streamline operations and scale like never before.

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Driving Agility and Innovation in the Cloud with AWS Serverless

Servers are fading into obscurity. Instead, the model of “Run Code, Not Servers” is prevailing, spurring a cloud native mindset where developers consider infrastructure and integrations from day one.

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