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Product delivery and scalability

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Who is Broadband TV?

A multi-channel YouTube Network, BroadbandTV (BBTV) is one of the world’s largest entertainment networks on YouTube with over 15,000 network partners amassing over 1.5 billion impressions per month. They operate the third largest Multi-Channel Network on YouTube and manage a massive amount of videos for their partners on YouTube, offering professional services in areas like SEO, content optimization, monetization.


Entertainment, Mass Media


Develop infrastructure to support delivery of of media performance enhancing algorithm products for partners and handling big data 

Services & Tech

Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon VPC, Amazon ELB, Amazon RDS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk 

Supporting scalable content optimization tools

Broadband TV was committed to using technology to provide services to their partners and built products using state of the art algorithms to improve the viewership of the content, built metrics for insights, and optimized videos for consumption. They needed to deliver these innovative products and features at scale with an infrastructure that could handle big data. Security and high availability were also big concerns for the business.

A secure virtual network

Designing a secure isolated deployment protected from DDoS attacks had to be a priority. Given the pace with which the company was moving forward, the need to automate the deployment was of an equal priority. Onica worked really closely with the development team to design and implement a secure virtual network using Amazon’s VPC service and deployed ELB to limit access to internal servers, while allow for scale in the future.

Why Us?

The relationship between BBTV and Onica continues today, focusing on areas like cost optimization, introduction of various testing and sandbox environments to support the internal agile process and the growing number of products in development, best practices and policies for access and management of AWS resources, operational management of the production systems, etc.



Onica  worked really closely with the development team to design and implement a secure virtual network using Amazon’s VPC service and deploy services like ELB to limit access to internal servers, while allow for scale in the future. The deployment of the products coming online at the time was scripted to take advantage of Elastic Beanstalk and RDS, reducing the pain for deploying to a complex clustered environment and removing the most typical tasks for maintaining and operating the environment, while making it easy to scale.

To aid the need for visibility how the environment is performing, Onica brought in a number of monitoring tools and ensured their deployment worked well within the auto-scaling design principle applied to all stacks. This turned out to be invaluable in closely managing the performance of the products while being conscious of the infrastructure cost.

As BBTV’s products like VISO Catalyst were successfully rolled out to all BBTV partners, the need to process massive amounts of videos and speed up the on-boarding process of new partners led to the deployment of more products that had to perform extremely fast. Cost was a major risk for the company and lots of design thoughts went into designing the deployment to be able to take advantage of the AWS spot pricing and reduce the bandwidth for moving data in and out of the network. Onica and BBTV have been able to architect a highly de-coupled solution using spot instances and Amazon SQS workers to process around half a million YouTube videos in a few weeks for a fraction of the cost it would take to do that with one of the largest instances available if the product was run on it in the same way it was tested internally before the release.


Why Onica

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