Be Cloud Savvy in 2019: 4 Cloud Segments to Read on Over the Holidays

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With 2018 almost coming to an end, we look back on the year thinking of certain things we wish we did more or even avoided completely! When it comes to the Cloud, this sentiment remains.

Keeping that trend in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our top 2018 blogs on 4 Cloud segments that we believe will see more industry announcements in 2019. Here’s our list of IoT, Containers, Cost Optimization, and Serverless blogs to give you some inspiration while planning all your 2019 cloud resolutions!

IoT and Machine Learning:

Bringing IoT to Life Faster with AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Events is a fully managed IoT service that makes it easy to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors and applications. As a launch partner, Onica worked closely with the AWS Solution Architects to build an AWS IoT Events POC that served as a beta test of the new service. Read more

AWS IoT Camera Connector on AWS Quick Start

Onica helped build an AWS Quick Start CloudFormation template through which a company can achieve an Internet of Things (IoT) Camera Connector environment and serverless architecture on the AWS Cloud in about 5 minutes. Read more

Understanding and Augmenting Machine Learning

For a lot of people, the terms AI, ML, and DL can cause major confusion in how they’re related. Artificial intelligence is something of an umbrella term in this case, with machine learning being a subset of AI, and deep learning being a subset of machine learning. Read more


Understanding the Benefits of Containers on AWS

Containers on AWS are a major resource for developers looking to improve infrastructure efficiency. There are many benefits of containers on AWS that include creating consistency, gaining operational efficiency, and improving productivity. Watch the webinar in this blog  to learn several techniques for deploying containers on AWS. Read more

2018 re:Invent Container services  announcements

There were two containers specific announcements made during re:Invent — AWS Cloud Map and AWS App Mesh. Learn what you can do with these new services in our blog. Read more

Whitepaper: Understanding Containers on AWS

Unless your core business is managing container processes, mastering the management and orchestration of containers is often a difficult and time consuming process that does not add much value to your bottom line. Download our whitepaper to learn why containers matter, why they work well with the Cloud and the benefits of running container workloads on AWS. Download now.


Key Serverless Announcements from re:Invent 2018

AWS announced a series of new services at re:Invent this year that continue to evolve the state of serverless application development on AWS. With the focus on removing many of the undifferentiated tasks required for secure, performant, and scalable applications from developers, serverless applications allows developers to focus on their business logic, leaving infrastructure, operating system, and network management to AWS-managed services. Read more


Video: AWS Cost Optimization

There are a lot of reasons to move to the cloud but the one we hear most is probably cost savings. Learn more about how customers really see cost savings when they move to the cloud in this video. Watch now.

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