Simplify CI/CD on AWS Whitepaper

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In this whitepaper you will learn how CI/CD on AWS makes it easier for DevOps teams to build, test, and deploy apps in the cloud.

Over the past decade there has been tremendous change and advancement in how applications are built and deployed by developers as a result of the ever increasing demands from end users. In the past, enterprise release cycles lasted up to a quarter, sometimes even longer. However, application development moves at a much faster pace today. Applications are deployed within hours and delivered directly to consumer devices in the cloud. Cloud and mobile based computing allow development teams to build innovative and disruptive apps and disseminate them to millions of users without having to worry about infrastructure. This is one of the main reasons why startups and even agile teams within large corporations have been so successful. These agile and nimble teams can get real-time feedback from their customers, rapidly make changes to their designs and features, and ship the updated version back to their customers, all within a few hours of finishing them. Building and releasing applications at this pace needs end-to-end automation for consistent and repeatable results. Development teams need tools to manage these processes, test the applications automatically, and deploy the tested applications onto their target environments.

Application development used to be a time consuming and difficult process for developers who worked in isolation to merge their module to the master branch upon completion. This batched process can lead to the accumulation of minor bugs which can remain unfixed for long durations, delaying application delivery.

This whitepaper is intended for existing and potential AWS users – especially Architects, Developers, and SysOps Administrators who prefer to implement their application development and deployments using the CI/CD model on AWS. This whitepaper highlights, the AWS services and features that can be leveraged to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery for the application development cycle. It also provides an overview, the stages involved, benefits of CI/CD, and hands-on examples. The techniques described allow users to scale applications while continuously integrating and deploying application changes that may be incurred.

Download our CI/CD on AWS Whitepaper

CorpInfo-Onica is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. We specialize in guiding our customers with DevOps challenges on their journey into the cloud. Our goal is to increase automation and decrease the 20th century approach to technology thinking. We strive to give you continual measurements for achievement, on demand demonstrations, and milestones for approvals and rejections. We want to help your teams’ talent break through by automating your workloads, because we know that downtime and repetition cost organizations money.

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