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Cybersecurity Regulations: 10 Ways to Encourage Employee Compliance

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On September 5th, Onica’s CTO, Tolga Tarhan, was featured in a Forbes Cybersecurity Regulations article which highlights the importance of employee buy-in in order to maintain the viability of corporate cybersecurity. It also dives into ways that businesses can encourage employee buy-in for their cybersecurity methods, as well as increase compliance once those protocols are put in place.

Cybersecurity Regulations: 10 Ways to Encourage Employee Compliance, weighs in on the importance of having a cybersecurity system in place, and the advantages of employees consistently following the same regulations concerning security. From teaching employees how to protect their own privacy to using training videos and personalizing security procedures, this article features insights from the Forbes Technology Council which consists of CIOs, CTOs, & executives that are successful within their technology & business industries.

“Employees must understand the reasons behind the organization’s security policies – how the behaviors that are required of employees translate to a more secure enterprise, with examples of where these have publicly failed,” said Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s CTO.

Touching on the risk and scalability within these policies and how that affects compliance, Tarhan added, “It’s also important that the controls don’t exceed what’s required. A blanket set of policies that don’t scale with risk reduces compliance relative to a set of policies that are properly scaled.”

To read the full article, visit Forbes here.

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