Onica Featured in SD Times’ Serverless vs. Containers Comparison

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On October 4th, Onica’s CTO, Tolga Tarhan, was featured in an SD Times article that discusses the distinction in utility between serverless and containers when it comes to hosting microservices. The article also explores the practicality of utilizing a mix and match approach, wherein both hosting environments can be used towards applications and services that they best cater to.

Choosing between serverless and containers suggests that despite their similarities, serverless and containers target different forms of workloads and offer unique advantages. While Serverless thrives in small distinct tasks that can be processed with agility, containers shine in situations with more complex needs, or when development is being done in languages unsupported by Serverless.  Featuring insights from industry technology leaders, the article defines how each mode of architecture development differs and the complexities that lie in managing and maintaining setups where multiple environments are used.

Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s CTO believes a full cloud-native story involves both serverless and containers working together. “Serverless is often a major component in how we define cloud native. The main definition we are going for is leveraging the higher value, more managed services from the cloud vendor as opposed to leveraging just virtual machines in the cloud,” he said. “Containers and serverless together can address just about every use case moving to the cloud today, but either one by themselves isn’t the whole story.”

Implementing a scenario where existing microservices architectures can be kept on containers and new development be pursued with the Serverless approach in mind, could be an effective model to maximize the advantages derived from both, while minimizing compatibility risks. While a combination solution is not an unreasonable tall order, it is added complexity to mix and match.

To read the full article, visit SDTimes here.

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