Onica Featured in TechRepublic’s Three Red Flags your Organization has Data Black Holes article

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On February 07, Onica’s Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services, Tolga Tarhan was featured in a TechRepublic article that shines a light on signs that indicate the presence of data black holes in your organization and explores solutions you can use to eliminate them.

Three red flags your organization has data black holes suggests that the ever increasing amount of data across the world makes it easier for important information to be lost and this problem will only compound as time goes on. Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services finds that it’s easy to lose track of what data is being created and where it’s stored as IT departments aren’t necessary for spinning up new systems anymore. This removes a layer of IT security and vigilance from organizational operations.

These data black holes can exist across organizations due to data stored in silos and on differing systems and they can pose a serious problem, interfering with accurate analytics that is instrumental to organizational decision making. According to Tolga Tarhan, data black holes can be elusive. He states that lots of companies don’t realize they have black holes until they start a major analytics project.

The article lists three signs revolving around the location of your data, access and security as well as disaster protection that you can use to identify the existence of black holes before they cause irrevertible problems. Having preemptively identified the black holes, steps can be taken to eliminate them and prevent them from emerging in the future.

Tolga Tarhan also recommends leveraging big data lakes where data can be stored in one location and no organization or modification is required. According to him, “The most important first step is to get all of your data in one place, regardless of its format and once it has been centralized, data scientists can start to decipher and organize the data, building its utility for business outcomes.”

To read the full article, visit TechRepublic here

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