Onica Featured in TechTarget’s Single Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud trends among MSPs

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On October 31st, Onica’s CTO, Tolga Tarhan was featured in a TechTarget article which explores why some service providers ramp up resources to take on multi-cloud environments whereas others specialize and invest in a single-cloud approach. The article takes a look at approaches adopted by different cloud service providers, either offering in-depth expertise on a single platform or going multi-platform to satisfy customers’ cloud needs.

Single cloud counters multi-cloud trend among MSPs tackles varying strategies of cloud platform adoption that are being employed by different cloud service providers. A single cloud focus can allow a company to dive deep into specific technical areas and achieve a high level of technical mastery. A company may also go the multi-cloud route if they are looking to expand focus and service across multiple environments, however, with shallower depth of technical specificity.

Tolga Tarhan, Onica’s CTO finds that AWS services enjoy a large addressable market that allows Onica the ability to expand just as much as what could be achieved with a multi-cloud strategy. “We think AWS is the market leader and they are going to continue market leadership for the foreseeable future with the momentum behind them”.

Proponents of multi-cloud strategies cite reports that show some technical professionals are utilizing different cloud providers for different products and the anticipation of such multi-cloud customers influences consulting companies to expand their reach.

However, according to Tolga Tarhan, customers aren’t pursuing multiple clouds and are instead committing to do a “deep dive” into single cloud ecosystems like AWS. He states that such a decision also adds economic advantages in the form of cost savings. “The main leverage is actually in scale. The more you are committed to one cloud environment, the better pricing you get”.

To read the full article, visit TechTarget here.

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