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Donny Cross, Onica’s VP, Cloud Optimization, was recently featured in an article by The Information for his thoughts on cloud cost optimization, actions companies are taking to reign in cloud costs amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic we face today and opportunities they can capitalize on for greater cloud cost savings.

Tricks for Trimming Cloud Costs in Downturn features insights from a range of cloud industry experts and AWS customers, delving into how cloud costs build up over time, requiring policies and measures to continually keep spending in check. Choosing older cloud servers when newer ones are available, unnecessarily migrating data between data centers across regions, provisioning more resources than needed, and other common shortcomings can dramatically shoot up cloud costs, leaving companies in unfavourable situations.

The economic impact experienced across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to urgently review their cloud expenditure, strategizing how they can implement optimization measures and save money to help them weather present challenges. “People are coming from every direction and industry to ask for help,” says Donny Cross. “Everyone wants their cloud costs to mirror as closely as possible their revenue” as cloud infrastructure continues to demand a large portion of company budgets despite declines in revenue and operations.

Having underlined the need for optimization, the article lays out five ways companies can start improving the management of their cloud costs and incur savings. One simple step is to ensure that companies are using the latest servers made available from public cloud providers, such as AWS, to ensure they have the most efficient hardware running their workloads. “You have to have discipline and rigor in your environment to know that those new instances exist,” says Cross, highlighting the importance of keeping track of new releases and implementing upgrades as soon as possible. The upgrade process is also fairly simple, although moving some applications can be more challenging than others.

Donny Cross also recommends exercising scrutiny towards the sources of cloud expense and breadth of cloud projects that run across a company. In instances where employees leave companies for new opportunities, cloud projects can be forgotten and accumulate towards expensive bills. Making sure that such cases are minimized can reduce wasteful expenditure. Onica’s customers gain access to a software that imports AWS bill data and converts it into detailed spending reports to improve the visibility and transparency of costs by business unit. This significantly improves cost governance and improves the speed and accuracy with which optimization opportunities can be found.

To learn about some more tips and strategies that can help you maximize the cost efficiency of your cloud deployments, read the full article by visiting The Information here

If you are looking to improve the visibility and management of your cloud expenditure and implement best practices and policies across your organization to ensure that you are paying only for the resources you utilize, get in touch with Onica’s cloud cost optimization experts today!


Onica is a global cloud native services provider at the forefront of cloud computing. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Premier Consulting Partner and audited Managed Services Provider, we help our customers solve the most complex and transformative cloud projects in the world to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences.

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The Information Trimming Cloud Costs

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