CityGrid Media Cuts Cost While Improving Efficiency

CityGrid Media 1

Local advertising platform that helps mobile app developers,
websites and local business

CityGrid Media (CGM) is a targeted local advertising platform that helps mobile app developers, websites, local business, and local based ad organizations by linking them through CityGrid Media, its local content and advertising network. CityGrid Media owns and operates many national websites, including,, and many others.


Media and Advertising


Architect network and migrate 250+ applications 

Services & Tech

Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Migration, AWS CloudFormation, Puppet

Architect their new network and migrate all 250 + applications

Onica partnered with CityGrid Media to architect their new network and migrate all 250 + applications. Modern applications were migrated with full DevOps practices including CI, CD, infrastructure automation and configuration management/ while older applications were lift-and-shifted into AWS. The resulting infrastructure:

  • Utilizes AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure automation.
  • Utilizes Puppet for configuration management and application deployments.
  • Is managed with Jenkins-based continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Lower costs and improve quality of service

CityGrid Media sought to move from multiple data centers to AWS in order to lower costs and improve quality of service across their range of apps.

  • Move from multiple physical data centers to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  • Maintain connectivity and zero downtime over the course of the migration.
  • Migrate more than 250 applications of various ages and useage.
  • Right-size instances to adjust based on demand.
  • Provide new infrastructure-as-code based deployment method allowing for fully automated regression testing, code-reviews, and source control for all AWS infrastructure.


Successfully migrate 250 apps to AWS

CityGrid Media was able to successfully migrate 250 apps to AWS and will eliminate multiple datacenters,avoiding a costly hardware refresh. Additionally, by completing the move to AWS, CityGrid Media is able to take advantage of modern deployment tools and deployment automation.

  • Improved technology with no hardware cost.
  • Future-focused architecture designed for growth.
  • All applications in AWS, rather than being dispersed in various locations.

CityGrid now leverages Onica’s Managed Cloud Services offering for ongoing support of their AWS environment.


Why Onica

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