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Customized AWS HIPAA-Compliant Environment

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Building a HIPAA & PHI Compliant Infrastructure

HealthRise Solutions needed to build an automated and repeatable customized HIPAA compliant infrastructure to use as new hospital systems signed up for their services. They reached out to Onica, who quickly introduced the concept of templatizing the environment using AWS CloudFormation and locked down the infrastructure using HIPAA Best Practices.

“By far the biggest challenge we faced was storing Personal Health Information (PHI) in the cloud. When we first started, we did a lot of debating about holding Patient-Level Data in the cloud. We even considered aggregated data. When we recognized the amount of analytics we would be missing if we didn’t include patient information, we knew that a HIPAA compliant solution in AWS was exactly what we needed. It boiled down to finding the right partner that could do the security and follow up.”

“After our first engagement with Onica, we were able to understand security components such as private and public subnets and we quickly realized we could actually do this in AWS and be safe and secure.”
Matt Collins
Proprietary Technology Director
at HealthRise Solutions


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Developing HIPAA compliant infrastructure

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HIPAA in the Cloud

Onica set up technology workshops to review AWS, HIPAA best practices, overall security concepts, and the proposed CloudFormation Template with members of HealthRise Solutions’ team.

“The workshops were extremely helpful. The training, instruction, and working sessions helped us get exactly the solution we were looking for. Our Onica AWS Certified Solutions Architect was a great listener, and even though we were unfamiliar with a lot of networking concepts, he helped us tremendously. Our workshops went well beyond AWS; it was more of a full technology training for our team. The solution we have is secure, agile, and affordable”


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