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Kasasa is an award-winning financial technology and marketing services company that provides branded retail banking products and services to community financial institutions. Through innovative products, a national consumer brand, and turnkey solutions and support, Kasasa helps local banks and credit unions compete for their rightful share of the market against even the largest banks.

While already leveraging the power of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in their development environment, Kasasa needed a partner who could help them mitigate risk and security issues when moving into production. They were seeking a third-party consultancy who could conduct a thorough AWS security audit for their infrastructure and “look over their shoulders” as they made the transition.

“ Onica reviewed and ultimately blessed our development and pre-production AWS environments, giving us unparalleled security and best practice guidance along the way. Working with Onica was a positive experience for our team.”
Michael Scallan
Director of Product Delivery, Kasasa


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Safe & Secure in AWS

By utilizing AWS tools and services such as Amazon Data Pipeline and Amazon Redshift, data is now better organized and stored in a more meaningful way for Kasasa’s customers. Onica’s understanding of the AWS Analytics and Databases ecosystem and the security features therein helped to accelerate the project. Onica’s professionally certified Lead Solutions Architects and Cloud Engineers conducted interviews with Kasasa IT staff and developers to understand the data flow and identify security gaps. Onica also performed a security and best practices review of the AWS environment, going over each and every component with a “fine-tooth comb.”


The Solution

Kasasa was introduced to the Onica team at a local Austin AWS MeetUp and was immediately impressed by their strong AWS partner network association, Premier Consulting designation, and reputation for being an “AWS Security Expert.”

Onica was also recommended by Amazon as a go-to vendor for setting up Kasasa’s initial AWS infrastructure. Onica fully understood the security complexities of Kasasa’s project at hand and quickly provided advice on security best practices and how they could help architect Kasasa’s applications on AWS and provide value throughout their transition into the AWS cloud.

Thanks to Onica’s prescriptive guidance, Kasasa was then able to implement strong security controls over their data flow, such as: SSL-only network connections, restricted network access control lists and firewalls, thorough logging and monitoring, Amazon Redshift and RDS encryption, and more.

Since our initial engagement, Kasasa has continued to engage with Onica on numerous projects involving their AWS infrastructure. Most recently, Onica provided the Kasasa team with a Talend ETL solution that automated many of their DevOps team’s manual processes. We also helped increase performance and improve operations management of their big data systems by building a data pipeline that pulls and aggregates data from HomeOffice MSSQL. The pipeline loads data into a staging table, performs transformations, and finally pushes the data to a production ODS schema in Redshift.

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