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AWS EFS and EMR Implementation

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Utilize EMR and set up a pipe directly from their local office that sends all of the data up into AWS for the computational power, and then brings back the results for analysis locally in the lab.




Develop a cloud architecture on AWS and migrate websites to support larger amounts of traffic

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Cloud Infrastructure, Serverless, Amazon Elastic File System, Amazon Elastic MapReduce

“Onica helped us with a cloud architecture design and worked side-by-side with us. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they guided us through the entire implementation process. For the next 18 months, we will be working with Onica to migrate all of our servers onto the Amazon Cloud. Their technological resources and ability to execute is unmatched.”
Vince Chang
Senior Director of IT at Sovereign Health Group

Amazon Elastic File System & Elastic MapReduce

Sovereign Health Group has helped hundreds of thousands of families by providing revolutionary behavioral health treatment services at their facilities across the country. To ease the management of their IT assets and prepare for their expansion into genome sequencing, Sovereign Health Group implemented Amazon Elastic File System and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Watch our video case study below to learn more about how Sovereign Health Group has found success with Amazon Web Services and Onica.

Changing Healthcare through AWS

The Challenge

Sovereign Health Group’s mission is to provide a broad spectrum of high quality behavior health treatment services to adults and adolescents. Rapid growth created a challenge for their business in terms of their infrastructure and scalability. They were hosting multiple WordPress sites across multiple platforms which was causing a headache for management. All of their clinicians and staff relied on these websites and were constantly logging in and updating the data on them. Even their patient’s family members relied on these websites and being able to log into them and check the status of their loved ones in Sovereign Health Group’s facilities. It was important for Sovereign Health Group to have a fully reliable application and secure environment to host these websites on that would be available 24/7.

Why Amazon Web Services

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) is one of AWS’ newest services. It’s a Network File System (NFS) replacement service that allowed Sovereign Health Group to setup auto-scaling groups by sharing content across servers, eliminating the need for on-premises storage solutions. Onica was able to consolidate Sovereign Health Group’s websites on EFS and provide them with ease of management across the board and cost effectiveness.

The Future

One cutting edge project Sovereign Health Group is looking to move into Amazon Web Services is human genome sequencing. They have a local lab in their main office that is not using on-premises compute power. Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is one of AWS’ big data services, it will provide Sovereign Health Group with the freedom to not buy tons of servers or set up tons of Virtual Machines (VMs) onsite. They can utilize EMR and set up a pipe directly from their local office that sends all of the data up into AWS for the computational power, and then brings back the results for analysis locally in the lab.

No longer do you need to know exactly where you’re going to be in one year, AWS gives you the flexibility to say – I know we are growing as business and I know AWS can support us as we grow.

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