Onica Featured in eChannelNEWS’ Humber College Remote Education Enablement Interview

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David MacKay, Onica’s VP, Customer Strategy, was recently featured in eChannelNews discussing Onica’s work with Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, developing a remote education solution on AWS that helped students continue to achieve their learning outcomes despite campus closure due to social distancing measures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Onica + AWS: Giving Humber College students access to the applications they need takes a closer look at how the pandemic is affecting social and professional communication and the prowess of the cloud in mitigating physical limitations, allowing people to communicate, connect and collaborate effectively. The interview shines a light on organizations such as Humber College, that are leveraging the remote access capabilities of the cloud to virtualize learning for students, minimizing educational disruption.

David MacKay discusses how the engagement started when Humber College rapidly began strategizing a remote education initiative and got in touch with Onica to work on a solution so that 30,000 full-time students could continue their education. Onica deployed an Amazon AppStream 2.0 based solution in a matter of just eight days, deploying a set of 100 applications out of a total target of about 300 and allowing students to access these applications from any device as long as they could gain access to the internet. Besides the primary benefit of removing geographic limitations to educational access, the remote learning solution affords greater flexibility for students.

MacKay also shares his views on the opportunities that exist for companies in Canada to take advantage of the cloud –  from adopting the cloud for benefits such as cost efficiency, remote enablement and scalability to leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate valuable insights that can maximize ROI and profitability. Onica also recently achieved the AWS Machine Learning competency for our deep ML expertise and experience, and can help any organization looking to utilize AWS for their own AI/ML deployments.

To listen to the full interview, visit eChannelNEWS here

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