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Build a resilient & flexible team wherever you are so your organization can react faster to changing workforce landscapes.

Be prepared to tackle real-world challenges with AWS Business Continuity Planning.

Maintaining productivity and customer delivery in the ever-changing and unpredictable world is crucial for business success. In order to be up-and-running quickly, businesses are taking advantage of the efficiency and scalability of the AWS Cloud. Avoid disruptions and minimize downtime by allowing your users to remotely access their own familiar desktop and applications on any device.

Business Continuity Solutions 1

Why organizations leverage AWS Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions 2

Limit Workforce Disruption

Replicate your team’s daily desktop experience seamlessly.

Business Continuity Solutions 3

Access Your Unique Apps

Ideal for access to software that are proprietary or not BYOD-friendly.

Business Continuity Solutions 4

Cost-Effective and Flexible

Scale Teams tiers up or down as you go from launch to support.

Business Continuity Solutions 5

Quick and Easy Management

Launch and sunset solutions easily to meet your needs and control cost.

Every organization now has a remote-work culture.

There is a wide spectrum of readiness for organizations to mobilize a complete remote working contingency.

Remote-Ready Spectrum

Remote Ready

  • Already have significant contingent of remote workers
  • Cloud-Based Applications & File Storage
  • Access and Authentication from Anywhere
  • BYOD or Company Issued Laptops Standard
  • Remote Collaboration & Teleconferencing the Norm

Office Bound

  • Every worker physically in the office every day
  • On-Prem, Legacy or Proprietary Applications
  • Limited or Complex Access Procedures
  • Desktop Workstations
  • Enablement of Remote Work a Significant Challenge

Depending on your use-cases, environment, and team readiness for remote work, Onica can help you determine the ideal mix for your business:


Access your entire desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device

AppStream 2.0

Securely deliver your applications to any computer or supported device

Client VPN

Access your AWS and on-premises networks from anywhere

Onica Teams for Business Continuity

Onica’s flexible Teams for Business Continuity support model keeps your business up-and-running under any circumstance.

Leverage our Teams Pod to help you provision new users, scale up and down, and troubleshoot your overall Business Continuity solution. Start with a limited hours-based three-month engagement then scale up or down and extend to support your organization’s needs.

Watch our upcoming webinar to learn which business continuity path is best for you.

Learn how organizations can leverage AWS’s business continuity solutions to support their remote workforce with access to the tools they need to stay productive & avoid business disruption amidst the challenging global environment.

Get (remote) working fast with Onica!

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