Amazon Aurora

Power your database in the Cloud

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Aurora is Amazon’s highly secure and fully managed MySQL-compatible relational database engine. The platform provides users with up to 5x the performance at a 1/10th the cost of a traditional MySQL database with the scalability and availability benefits of hosting in the AWS cloud. Most relational databases were not designed for the cloud, having various layers of functionality in a monolithic stack. When organizations try to scale out these databases, they end up replicating the same stack resulting in problems such as availability, cost, and flexibility. Amazon Aurora can solve these database challenges.

Why are so many organizations using Amazon Aurora?

  • It’s less work, easy to use & more efficient
  • Simplified storage management that is highly available
  • More predictable & faster failover with survivable caches & instant crash recovery
  • Data security & monitoring capabilities
  • Managed service delivery
  • Easy migration with no down-time
  • Significant cost savings
“If you look at businesses five years ago, they often had to make the decision to go with a physical data center or try a virtualized environment. The benefits that you receive from being in a cloud environment like AWS are not even comparable to having to make the capital investment to manage your own infrastructure. You get to focus on your business and delivering value to your customers instead of focusing on your infrastructure.”
Advait Shinde
Co-Founder at GoGuardian