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Helping the Public Sector embrace the cloud

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Helping state and local governments and educational entities drive cloud innovation without sacrificing cost

While technology has revolutionized the private sector overnight, the public sector has been slower to adopt. The issue isn’t a lack of desire to adapt, but rather a unique set of challenges such as budgetary and funding concerns, government approvals, lack of resources, and citizen and student need. When unmet, the ability to provide basic services and serve the community is hindered.

Onica’s vast experience with infrastructure optimization and modernization enables state and local governments and educational entities to revolutionize operations. No matter where you are on your cloud journey – just starting out or cloud native, Onica has a solution tailored to your unique requirements and accelerate your transformation.

Broad expertise across AWS deployments

Onica offers your organization the agility to quickly deliver value leveraging innovative solutions and AWS services.

Alexa for Business

Amazon Alexa is your automated assistant. Eliminate tedious tasks by integrating Alexa with your workplace — allowing you to improve operational efficiencies and free-up time spent on daily office concerns.

Smart Cities

Discover new ways to serve citizens through cloud innovation. From urban planning and transportation, to utilities monitoring and disaster preparedness, AWS allows cities to revolutionize the citizen experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Drive innovation with AI. AI at AWS helps organizations overcome hurdles and improve systems to better serve their area. AI serves departments from law enforcement to education, creating impactful results.


Eliminate complicated processes. Bringing your system to AWS allows you to simplify processes across the board. From automation through smart cities to library systems, AWS creates great efficiencies in your organization.


Become cloud native. Committing your organization's IT to the cloud is a big step, but one that is quickly rewarded. Migrating your systems allows you to utilize AWS applications to promote efficiency and innovation in your organization.

Data & Analytics Insights

Create better services with data insights. Data holds a lot of value, but is often hard to analyze and process. AWS allows you to use your data more effectively, unlocking valuable insights that can transform the way your organization operates.

AWS Case Studies

Cal Poly

Nationally ranked university expects to save $3.5 million over three years by migrating to AWS


Education technology management solution delivers a better learning experience on AWS