Amazon WorkSpaces

A simple, secure & cost-effective desktop experience at a global scale

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Amazon WorkSpaces Consulting

The proliferation of devices is significantly changing the IT landscape. Today’s information workers want a high-quality desktop experience they can access from anywhere and on any device. IT organizations who keep up with this transformation reap significant benefits, including increased employee engagement and productivity. However, many organizations look to complex on-premises solutions that are typically expensive to set up, difficult to scale, and have complex security to manage. Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed Desktop as a Services offering that enables users to securely access the applications, documents, and resources they need from anywhere on their mobile devices. Amazon WorkSpaces provides a simple, cost-effective, and familiar desktop experience at a global scale, while improving security and simplifying management. Contact us to get started with Amazon WorkSpaces today!

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Data is stored within a user’s workspace in the AWS Cloud instead of on client devices, protecting your data if a device is ever lost or connects to an insecure network. Amazon WorkSpaces is backed by the availability and durability of Amazon S3.

Corporate Integration

Amazon WorkSpaces is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Use your existing directory and corporate credentials to authenticate users quickly and easily without replicating them to AWS.

Application Deployment

Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager provides you with a fast, flexible, and secure way to deploy and manage applications and simplifies license management, software deployments, upgrades, and patching for Windows desktop applications.